Serie & Name: Stock No. 6133 Ferengi Marauder Mini Playset
Year: 1995
MIB or MOC: Yes, 1 Mint and 1 Loose
Stock number: 6133
Figure number: non found

Serie & Name: Original Phaser 40th Anniversary Re-pack (note colour is slightly different)
Made By: Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum
Year: 2007
MIB or MOC: Yes (batteries Removed)

Serie & Name: Star Trek DSN Premier Season (complete) with Binder, Error Sheet 871 of 1000) & Sealed Box
Made By: Skybox
Year: 1993
MIB or MOC: No, Mint in Binder

Serie & Name: no 16, Vandaahl de Verderver
Made By: Big Balloon
Year: 1995
MIB or MOC: n/a

Serie & Name:
Made By:

Serie & Name: Generations Set 1 (total of 6 pieces)
Made By: Applause
Year: 1994
MIB or MOC: Yes

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